Sunday, November 27, 2016

An old favorite...

On the heels of finishing my other EPP project (photos later), I pulled out my Kaffe EPP quilt the other day.  I still need to add in the last four rows of stars...but here it is on the floor last night.

Buddy had to get in on the photo shoot as well....He is so pathetic!!  But we love him <3

It seems like the last time this quilt top came out of the WIP box was January 2015--eeks, almost 2 years ago!!  I took this pic in the backyard waaay back then...

If only I could teach Buddy how to EPP ;-)  This thing would be finished in no time!!  You know, when I started this quilt I thought it would be a "once in a lifetime" quilt... I mean, who would hand sew a quilt together??  But it turns out that EPP is my favorite form of sewing now.  I still use the machine, but I much prefer the slow process of English Paper Piecing any day.  It's funny how things change, right?

 Happy Quilting!

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  1. So glad to have found you again (I knew you changed blog names, but forgot). I love this. That background is the perfect balance to all of those cheerful Kaffe fabrics.