Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are enjoying the week off here at my house...the school district gave all of us (teachers and students) the whole week off this year!  This is the first time for this in the 40+ years I've worked/gone to school in Las Vegas.  I got a chance to take some pics of my red and khaki Gypsy quilt on the porch today...

I really like how this little quilt turned out.  It only measures 36" x 48" and I plan on listing it in my Etsy shop this weekend.  As I turned around to take another pic, Buddy joined in on the fun...

He is a cocky little chihuahua who doesn't know any boundaries where quilts are concerned.  We found him wandering on a major street here in LV about 7+ years ago.  Buddy is super spoiled and the best thing to happen to our family.  And the best part about him is that he never was a chewer...he never damaged anything in the house, or made messes or ruined anything.  He loves to snuggle under quilts and has several of his own.

On another note, I began yet another quilt project/pattern.  Here is the fabric pull for the first attempt...It is a layer cake pattern so I cut layer cake squares (one for each block) and picked the yellow accent color from my stash.  The purple solid might be for the setting triangles around the edges of the quilt.

I also added a bright aqua accent color at the last minute.  This is just a small test run of the pattern...13 blocks and the finished quilt should measure 42" x 42".

Anyhow, I need to go prep some food for Thanksgiving dinner.  Enjoy your holiday!!

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