Monday, October 31, 2016

Binary Code quilt progress...

I started this quilt in August (see this post for details) and I've been working on it (slowly) ever since...making little 3.5" zeros and ones.  Today, after pressing some blocks I made yesterday, I realized I had more than enough to make the quilt!! Yeah...  Here it is on the floor...

It will only measure 24" x 30" when it is complete.  The squares finish at 3" each and are made entirely from my thrifted plaid shirt collection!!  This is quite the "upcycled" project. ;-)

What does it say??  Well, it's a popular phrase used to describe the point when you just have to give up caring so much about what everyone else thinks and just do what works for you...  Caution:  There is a bad word involved--so if you are sensitive to cursing, don't look to closely or zoom in on the pic below.  I'm only showing the pic so you can see how I planned out the layout of the mini-quilt.

I'm going to get the rows pinned and start assembling this little gem of a quilt!!  Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

EPP Progress... I love it!

I'm still doing some EPP in the evenings.  My jewel flower project is coming along.... I arranged all the pieces on the floor on October 1st and took a pic so that I would know how I wanted all the hexagon blocked placed.

Almost half of the hexagons are pieced together...the project is moving along quickly now so I have to plan on how to deal with the borders.  My plan is to EPP in some half 4" diamonds on the top and bottom in colors similar to the blocks on the borders.  I also intend to make some "half hexagons" to fit in on the sides.  

I really do love the process of EPP.  Everyone who EPPs knows what I'm talking about...and if you haven't given it a try, watch a few videos and get a few tips from the experts--you won't regret it!

Happy Quilting!