Monday, October 31, 2016

Binary Code quilt progress...

I started this quilt in August (see this post for details) and I've been working on it (slowly) ever since...making little 3.5" zeros and ones.  Today, after pressing some blocks I made yesterday, I realized I had more than enough to make the quilt!! Yeah...  Here it is on the floor...

It will only measure 24" x 30" when it is complete.  The squares finish at 3" each and are made entirely from my thrifted plaid shirt collection!!  This is quite the "upcycled" project. ;-)

What does it say??  Well, it's a popular phrase used to describe the point when you just have to give up caring so much about what everyone else thinks and just do what works for you...  Caution:  There is a bad word involved--so if you are sensitive to cursing, don't look to closely or zoom in on the pic below.  I'm only showing the pic so you can see how I planned out the layout of the mini-quilt.

I'm going to get the rows pinned and start assembling this little gem of a quilt!!  Happy Quilting!

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