Saturday, September 24, 2016

Gypsy love...and Soul Blossoms!!

When Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms fabric line originally came out, I didn't realize how awesome it was.  Several years later I saw a few quilts online made from Soul Blossoms fabric and managed to find a yard of each of the prints in the collection.  I've been hoarding them for years, only making an occasional quilt or bag from them.  I knew that my new Gypsy pattern would be perfect for this beautiful fabric....

Here is an up-close, sexy shot of the quilting...The panto is called Jessie's Swirls and I love the texture it gave this quilt.  The background fabric is Kona Stone, if I recall....

Rebecca will be binding it this week and (hopefully) some cover pictures can be taken at my Mom's house.  She has a gate on the front of the house that might just look fantastic with this quilt hanging on it...If not, she has a park right up from her house--maybe there is a nice spot there to take a pic.

Anyhow, that about sums up what I did this week.  I really would have had this quilted during August, but I didn't like the background fabric and had to re-order some new fabric (and unload the quilt from the longarm frame, etc) because I was just going to "go with it" even though the first fabric wasn't right.  I'm very glad that I waited because this turned out so much better with the new backing.

Did I ever show a pic of the bag I made with some of my coveted Soul Blossoms? It is called the Tessa Bag and I love it...wait, I haven't ever used it because I love it so much, but someday I will!!

I'm down to about 8 more months before retirement...I can't wait!  Happy Quilting!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

EPP update...

One thing I have been continuously working on is my EPP project.  I'm short about 6 more hexagon blocks and the 8 half blocks for the sides, but I'm getting there... Most of the fabric was from the Summerfest line of fabric (with a few of my own added in for variety).  I still love precuts!!

And an up-close, sexy shot.  These are 2" diamonds, 2" jewels, and 1" hexagons.  I really love this EPP and could happily do it for life!

I need to quilt a top for a pattern I wrote up this summer...maybe that is my weekend job??  I'll take a pic as I'm moving through it...School is off to a start and I only have about 270 days until retirement.  I'm just getting through each day and waiting for my new life to begin!!  ;-)

Happy quilting!