Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Rainbow pineapple...and remodeling plans!

I jumped on the pineapple block bandwagon and made a cute little mini quilt!

The rainbow squares finish at 1.5" x 1.5" so the whole thing only measures about 9" x 15"-- the perfect size for a wall of mini-quilts I intend to have someday!  I've been slowly remodeling my son's "mancave" in anticipation of his college departure in a year and half.  We had it tiled over Spring Break while he was away in New York on a band trip.  Why let the room go to waste when it could become another sewing room??  Yes, I already have two others upstairs, but this one would be it's different.  ;-)

I have a paint color picked out (kind of a duck egg blue/aqua/dinner mint color), and plans to chalk paint the corner hutch and credenza....and I must have a wall of mini-quilts!  All of his instruments will be gone, and his couch, and  all of his stuff....and most sadly, him.  I love him so much and wish he would stay and go to UNLV, but his musical dreams will likely take him from Las Vegas.  So very sad...but on the flip side, I'm taking this mancave and making an awesome sewing space!!!

The floors look like wood but are porcelain plank tiles--much cooler in Las Vegas during the summer--and easier to clean up after a marathon sewing day!!  We removed the carpet and he didn't even notice a change.   Plus, it is easier for him to roll around his tuba and sousaphone when he needs to practice.  He also taught himself the piano this year, and the bass guitar, and wants to tackle an acoustic guitar this summer.  ps...The blue tape is painter's tape applied near a step down into the cave so he gets used to noticing the drop down.  Because the tile in the cave matches the tile in the foyer, it is easy to stumble if you don't expect the step....

Not a very quilt-related post, but important just the same.  Happy Quilting!

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