Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Rainbow Shamrocks....

After making a bunch of green shamrocks from my Mini Shamrock Tutorial, I decided to try out a rainbow version.  This little block soon became a favorite and now I'm addicted to making them from my huge scrap pile...The squares are cut 2" and finish at 1.5".  The whole block is 6.5" unfinished!

So I kept on making more and more blocks and I'm at this stage.  It might stop here, as a 24" x 24" mini quilt...but who knows??  I still keep making more blocks so I could go a bit larger or maybe just turn them into mini-mini quilts or mug rugs...

Anyhow, this is what has been going on lately at my house.  Today I need to quilt up my green shamrock mini quilt and get it bound.  Maybe you'll see that one tomorrow!!

Happy Quilting!

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