Sunday, February 5, 2017

All Kisses...No Hugs!!

In January I started a little EPP project for Valentine's Day using enlongated hexagons and squares.  It will be a mini-quilt when it is finished, measuring 22" x 22".  There will be 5 x 5 "x"s...25 total.

The fabrics used are a bit of #love, a little Miss Scarlett and some Natural Kona cotton.  I love EPP, but this pattern seems a bit harder than the diamonds and jewels I've used in the past.  Oh well, my goal is to finish it by Valentine's Day.  We'll see how that goes....

I did finish a couple of dog placemats for Buddy.  I found some scraps when I was cleaning out my sewing room and decided to make use of them...then I decided to do some simple crosshatching, which turned into a ridiculous amount of crosshatching for a dog item...


And though I LOVE my Juki, it doesn't come with a guide that can be attached to the walking foot for evenly spacing the crosshatching.  So I made a rigged guide from an expired insurance card to try to keep my lines evenly spaced....very hinky!  But an improvement from my last one made from cardstock....this one is actually laminated!!!

Juki--hear me now!!  I love your walking foot and perfect stitches, but I'd like an adjustable guide that attaches to the foot to help me with perfect crosshatching!!  Is that too much to ask??

But the stitches are perfect and Buddy is already enjoying his new mat.  Isn't that all that matters??

I'm getting closer to retirement...less than four months away!  Happy Quilting!

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