Saturday, May 24, 2014

Extra Credit Quilt Pattern!

I wrote a pattern for my mini log cabin quilt that uses one jelly roll to make a 48" x 48" play quilt (alternate sizes available)....Extra Credit is now available in my Craftsy Store!

And the quilt that I made to test it out got quilted this week!  I used a panto called One Cloudy Day and it turned out really cute, in my opinion...

I absolutely love it and found that I really enjoy working with small pieces....there are nearly 900 pieces in this little quilt! hexies are coming along nicely as well.  I'm in uncharted territory so I'll post a pic of my progress thus far tomorrow.  It is the applique stage that I'm stuck on...Sharon offered to give me a lesson in applique.  Definitely!!

This is the last Friday at school and we couldn't be happier around here.  I hope all is well with you all...

Happy Quilting!

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