Monday, August 15, 2016

Still working...on a new pattern!

A big HELLO to anyone who made the switch from the old blog!  Thanks for following me...

One of my last posts showed a new quilt pattern I was working on called Gypsy.  Here it is done in pastels...

But I really wanted a different cover pic so I remade the quilt in Amy Butler Soul Blossoms.  Yes, I've been hoarding a bunch of this fabric and I thought it would make the perfect cover quilt.

It still needs to be quilted, but this what I've been doing this summer.  Not that it took me that long, lol, but I was working slowly.  The pattern is written and just needs the cover pic to be completed.  More to come on that soon, hopefully!

I'm back to school next week...the final year!!  Good luck to all you parents out there--school shopping awaits you!!  Happy Quilting!

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