Longarm Quilting and Panto File

Hello fellow quilter!

I've been longarm quilting for over 10 years now--sometimes for customers, other times just for myself.  My preference is definitely quilting affordable pantographs for budget-conscious piecers.  My longarm machine is hand-guided and the pantos in my library are ones that I feel provide lovely texture, without being too "thready" or causing your quilt top to become "stiff".  The cost of thread is already included in the pricing.

You can see my available pantos HERE....

Pictures of my longarm quilting are available on my website at http://www.logcabinquiltery.com/longarm-quilting.html

Pricing varies between $.02 and $.025 per square inch.  The cost depends on the density of the pantograph.  Please refer to the panto file for exact pricing.

How to Calculate Quilting Cost:
Multiply:  (length of quilt in inches) x (width of quilt in inches) x (cost per sq. inch)
Example:  A 54" x 72" lap quilt with a 2.5 cent/sq. inch pantograph
                   = 54 x 72 x $.025 = $97.20 + applicable tax

There is a $40 minimum charge.  Smaller jobs are always welcome!